MANUS x MACHINA: Fashion in an Age of Technology

by Linda L. Franco on

The connection between fashion and technology consists of a lot more than smart clothing and wearables. This is also a matter of new processes, innovative materials and unprecedented...


by orial Mehmeti on

Since 2002, global clothing production has more than doubled, the average consumer buys 60% more, and each garment is kept for half as long. Today, just 1% of...

Introducing the M.Bot

by Azmat Machina on

Machina introduces M.BOT. One of OBE Technology's modular smart sensors, actuators and controllers designed to easily be embedded into any piece of clothing or accessory.

The MIDI Controller Jacket Research & Development journey.

by Linda L. Franco on

Inside Machina's research and development road to create the first jacket that allows users to create music through motion and touch sensors.

High [G] Training 019'020

by Angelo Perdigon on

We’re suiting up tech savvy humans , people who want to take our clothing into the unknown. Pushing the technical process in both construction and function of clothing to...

Machina’s E.X.O.M. presents: CHAOS

by Linda Machina on

CHAOS aims to make the public understand the extensive control possibilities that exist using Machina’s technology. Showcasing that with our wearables you can control every day surroundings and...

Machina’s MIDI Jacket Unboxing by Koka Nikoladze

by Linda Machina on

Koka Nikoladze is a Georgian composer and sound artist based in Oslo. Koka is a true mastermind when it comes to creation, his lifestime passion has been music and...

NIKE Music Controller Sneaker Workshop by MACHINA

by Linda Machina on

On March 24th, Nike organized Nike: ON AIR, a design workshop series hosted in major cities around the world. MACHINA designed and create a special workshop were users...

Amplifying the AirMax 270 with MACHINA’s technology to control Co2 machines.

by Linda Machina on

Turning imagination into reality — Amplifying the new AirMax 270 with MACHINA’s technology to control Co2 and fog DMX machines through dance performance in real time.

Fast, Cheap, Replicable: Shenzhen

by Linda Machina on

Just 30 years ago this megacity was a mere fishing village. Now home to up to 10 million people it is already considered a tech nirvana for the...

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