by Linda L. Franco



The Blender Project is a scream to change the meaning of words.

Words have adapted and evolved over time along with humans themselves. 

There are many hypotheses about the evolution of language, e.g., toolmaking, pair bonding, grooming, and sexual s9election, but none of them state why language was necessary for survival. Those activities could have occurred without language. Language would undoubtedly have enhanced them, but it wasn’t needed. Bickerton’s hypothesis that language was needed for communication about scavenging is arguably the only one that shows why language was needed for survival.

The emergence of language was a defining moment in the evolution of modern humans. It was an innovation that changed radically the character of human society.

Nowadays, people are afraid to speak because of an excess of hate speech.

machinaWhat if we invite you to imagine new languages creating new words made out of mixing and uniting the one that already means hate and division into words meaning union?

What if we invite you to imagine new meanings and new words?


That is The Blender Project. An invitation to unlearn and to create. New meanings, new approaches.

We started with a new collection inspired by that spirit and launched our manifesto, and all the profit of that collection will go to CAFEMIN again hate speech.

machinamachinamachinaBut this is the first step. Now we are making a call for freethinkers who wants to join this project.

How can you participate? Take two words with a negative meaning, and create a new one that means the exact opposite. Give a new definition to that new word and help us to create a new dictionary.

If you are an artist, take one of those words made by the people and create a piece of art that expresses the positive meaning behind that new word.

Our objective is to create a gallery of new blended words with artists in different fields to scream our point of view: We are all humans.

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