Recycled Polyester: a green, sustainable alternative to virgin polyester

Unlike polyester, recycled polyester uses PET as the RAW material. This is the same material that is used in clear plastic water bottles, and recycling it to create the fabric prevents it from going to landfill. 

Textile recycling technology has immense scope where polyester is concerned. This technology has nominal waste, consumes limited energy and causes very little pollution. 

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Scafé® Yarn

Ever imagine that the coffee we drink is transformed into the apparel we wear? With a low-temperature, high-pressure and energy saving process S. Café® technology combines coffee grounds onto the yarn surface, changing the characteristics of the filament, and offers up to 200% faster drying time compared to cotton. S.Café ® fabrics will provide excellent odor control, UV protection and fast drying benefits. 

SCafe Socks

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Even when you’re done with your device, chances are it still has more to give to the world. We’ll help you recycle it free of charge. Just back it up, erase the data and return/ship to a recycling partner, so it can be recovered and reused. Your device will be recycled as part of our workshop sessions. 

Smart Clothing Technology

Today, just 1% of clothing is recycled back into clothing, 73% goes to landfill. Up to 95% of the textiles that are land filled each year could be recycled.

At MACHINA it is very important to establish new service and business models to extend our product’s life cycle. We are excited and are working very carefully by maximizing the resources that we have and continue to fortress better design solutions for a sustainable future.

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