by Linda L. Franco



The ultimate case for your sneakers, toys and more!


An interior design object — Portable and modular, our GRAILBLCKS collection promises high quality storage units designed carefully to be adapted to your own personal style and space. It is our belief that products and objects for the home should not feel outdated after just a few years, there for we have carefully crafted a synergy between sneakers, toys and music.

You can start by having one specific GRAILBLCK and eventually keep buying more. 

The GRAILBLCKS collection is meant to get conversations started, and it includes everything from speakers to wheels to move around easily, to user manual for future object configurations— all with Machina’s signature design and style. 



With a 21cm height — Designed to fit a 4 shoe size to  men's size 13.

The clear window of our GRAIL BLCKS lets you immediately see the pair stored inside. The drop-front opening means you don’t have to unstack boxes to get the pair you want. It’s an easy way to keep your shoe collection protected from dust while keeping them easy to access.



Some cost $200 usd and others $5,000 usd or more. Is it art? is it a toy? When you find these “designer toys” at someones home, you know they are collectors. Not everyone wants a boring painting that you spend a lot of time trying to interpret. Some people simply want something fun and relative. 

Designer toys deserve to be in a safe and visual place inside your home. 


We intend our BOOMBOX case to be timeless. The construction is completely modular, which means all parts can be individually replaced, updated, repaired or recycled. In a world where tech changes fast, this is a way to future proof our speakers. We are trying very hard to adopt a circular design way of living into the products that we design, develop and manufacture you can read more about our initiative here



There are a number of health benefits of having plants around your home. These benefits are far worth the work in setting up a routine in watering and feeding the plants. Plus, you can get different types of plants that require less care than others (such as cacti). 

We have designed our FLOWER/PLANT CASE for users to easily plant, water and carry a plant or flower of their choice. 

All of the above are designed to help you maximize your space, and give you an aesthetic look in your closet, living room, bedroom that makes it impossible to mess up.

  • Made from polypropylene and polystyrene
  • Box holds up to men’s size 13
  • Available only at

Our Machina GRAILBLCKS are currently available in a see through version, new color ways coming soon.