MACHINA is an advanced wearable technology brand launched in 2012. Based in CA, the company is founded on the belief that wearable technology will enhance our lives rather than disrupt, disconnect, and distract us by being functional, intuitive and aesthetic. As founders, we are constantly motivated by the idea of extending the life of our products by providing our community with access to APIs.

MACHINA creates wearable machines by seamlessly integrating fashion and technology. We provide the user with wearable technology that is invisible, functional, and intuitive. We accomplish this by using flexible electronics, an elaborate integration process, and an evidence based design and testing process that is begins by thoroughly understanding the use cases for technology, and combining it with a deep understanding of the fashion industry.

Our goal is to design garments for people who influence the open source culture, free software and DIY - they are the heritage and true inspiration for the creation and production of MACHINA. More than a brand, MACHINA represents a community of great minds interacting and working with each other.

What is Machina’s mission?

We believe that we are at the beginning of a new era in fashion. Clothing is beginning to merge with technology, and a new future will emerge. Integration will become ubiquitous, in every device we have. But that will only be the beginning so we’re working hard to make that world a vision, and are working in parallel in many of those fields to achieve that.

MACHINA’s vision is to provide every digital athlete the best wearable gadget for his respective discipline to help them get interactive, unique, faster and stronger. We’re working hard to bring this vision to our world.

What is Wearable Technology?

The terms “wearable technology“, “wearable devices“, and “wearables” all refer to electronic technologies or computers that are incorporated into items of clothing and accessories which can comfortably be worn on the body.

The purpose of wearable technology is to create constant, convenient, seamless, portable, and mostly hands-free access to electronics and computers.

What is your vision on wearable technology?

Wearable technology is not exactly new, it has existed since the 1980's; the concept has redefined itself through the decades. Since the invention of the first computer, computers have become smaller, more efficient and more powerful. With wearable technology in play, users are looking for wearable to be smaller, flexible, comfortable and washable.

Everyone is more connected with each other, we know about the problems of the world faster than ever before. Human beings are social animals. We are meant to be in constant communication and interaction. We are reliant on our digital devices for our everyday life in such pace that it is beginning to be integrated through accessories and clothing. Wearables are the next frontier for human/technology interaction where technology will become adaptive to people and ways of life.

There will be a new age of doctor patient relationship where wearable technology will collect data of what people's lives look like. Patients will be able to own their data and share it with other patients that might have similar problems. With all data acquired, wearables eventually will adapt to the human lifestyle for a better well being and medical centers as well as doctors will be able to gain insights into new disease categories.

Everything that is part of your life will have something of technology that's talking to other technology which will end enhancing your experience through everyday life.

More than anything, wearable tech is all about keeping us safe. Fitness bracelets are just the beginning. Super powers will be in total reach having a new generation of performance wear and exoskeletons whom which you will be able to run faster, carrie objects never imagined before.

In the future, you will express yourself through 3D printed clothes, LED clothing with programmable options and even auto adjustable clothing not just in size but in body temperature. There will be stronger, independent generations where style and human expression will take place through a wearable. A wearable is an intimate device that's potential doesn't end at technology, fashion will represent itself in new ways never ever seen before.This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the potential of wearable technology, specifically with how quickly development has accelerated compared to previous decades. In the future instead of smartphones and tablets, humans will be plugged into the cloud through clothing.

The future is starting now. This is truly an exciting time to be living in.

Does Machina have a collection for women?

Currently we do not count on a line focused specially for women. All of our current designs have a unisex cut, pattern. We will start launching some of our best sellers specially for women soon. Please keep in touch to hear the latest! Sign up here for our newsletter.

Are Machina products washable?

We are currently working on making all of our electronic components completely washable. In the meantime, you can walk in the rain, accidently spill drinks because all of our products are made out of odorless non-absorbent fabrics. Stains may be removed using a damp cloth, under no circumstances should you wash your garment.

Please keep in touch to hear about our latest technological advancements! Click here to sign up for our newsletter.

Do you do design - develop special projects?

MACHINA is it’s own brand and identity. However, it is of great importance for us to grow and keep evolving as a team and a company. In the past, we have collaborated with multinational brands like G-Shock, Telefonica Movistar and celebrities. Currently we are developing a new product focused on the gaming industry called OBE.

If you are a company and are looking to collaborate with us, please e-mail linda@machina.cc

Do you have workshops?

Yes! We do this quite often. Please join our community Facebook page where we post all workshops that we will be giving around the world! https://www.facebook.com/wearablehackcpmx5?fref=ts

Is Machina hiring?

We have a small team based in different cities around the world, from San Francisco to Mexico City, Barcelona and even Tokyo. We are growing and we are looking for thinkers, innovators, disruptive minds who challenge the system and themselves who at the same time are ambitious, curious, energetic and have all intention to learn and squeeze the life out of an emerging industry being wearable technology.

You must remember, Machina Wearable Technology is still a startup, and a startup does not employ a lot of people, so every person counts. You must love the rush, the risk and the impact. If you are ready for all the excitement, opportunities and true challenges that come with a startup then e-mail linda@machina.cc stating in one pager pdf why over all of the people that apply to Machina should we choose you.

How can I distribute your products?

Please e-mail a one pager pdf file with the following information to linda@machina.cc

Name of store - retailer
Store - retailer website
Store - retailer brief description
Store - retailer buying characteristics of target consumer

Name product of interest to distribute


MIDI Jacket /// F.A.Q

What is a MIDI Controller Jacket?

MJ v1.0 The first jacket that allows the user to create music through motion and touch sensors with a mobile app imagine being able to create music by using your body as an interface. Imagine being able to extend that jacket to make it work not only with music, but with whichever devices you have. Click here to download our user manual and learn more about this product.

How does the MIDI Controller Jacket work?

Machina’s MIDIJacket is a state of the art wearable capable of understanding body movement and producing MIDI data. Inside the Jacket there is an electronic Board called KER (Arduino Leonardo compatible), this board provides a Bluetooth 4.0 module. There is one accelerometer and gyroscope on each of the jacket’s sleeves and several analog sensors. The electronic board handles data sensing and passes data to the Bluetooth module; a companion app (available on iOS and OSX) handles the incoming data and converts it to MIDI. For any additional information Click here to download our user manual.

Where can I download the MIDI Controller Jacket iOS app?

Step 1. Open App Store in your iPhone, iPad, iPod
Step 2. Search: MIDI Jacket App
Step 3. Click download
Step 4. Sync with your MIDI Controller Jacket

Do you have an Android version for Machina’s MIDI Controller Jacket?

We are currently working on an Android version for MACHINA’s MIDI Controller Jacket. Please keep in touch to follow our latest updates and be free to read our MIDI Jacket forum to see what people are doing.

What is KER?

Inside the Jacket there is an electronic Board called KER (Arduino Leonardo compatible), this board provides a Bluetooth 4.0 module.

How can I wash my MIDI Controller Jacket?

All of our products are made out of odorless non-absorbent fabrics. Stains may be removed using a damp cloth, under no circumstances should you wash your garment.

Do you have a user manual?

Yes. Click here to download.

Do you have a MIDI Jacket forum?

Yes. If you own a MACHINA MIDI Controller Jacket we invite you to join our forum and share how you have used your MIDI Jacket.


How does my Hoodie with Speakers work?

Manual coming soon.

With what kind of mobile devices is Machina’s Hoodie with Speakers compatible?

Any device with bluetooth connection.

How can I wash my hoodie?

All of our products are made out of odorless non-absorbent fabrics. Stains may be removed using a damp cloth, under no circumstances should you wash your garment.


How long will my order take?

Most orders shipped from MACHINA arrive within 3 - 8 business days, depending on the shipping options chosen.

Our US shipping options include:
FedEx Overnight
FedEx 3-Day
FedEx Ground

Shipping destinations outside US and Mexico may take slightly longer due to customs and clearance delays.

You’ll receive a tracking number as soon as your package ships so you can monitor it’s progress. You can track your package through FedEx online website. http://www.fedex.com/us/track/

Where does Machina ship?

We currently ship only to US and Mexico.

What are my shipping options?

Currently, we are only able to ship with Fedex for all orders. We are looking into providing more options in the future.

Will I have to pay any tax, custom duties fees on my order?

Depends on the state where you are from and how many garments your order. There is a high probability you will be charged. You will be advised once your package arrives.

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