by Linda L. Franco


Hennessy x Machina
Hennessy x Machina

The Hennessy Heritage is an adventure that has endured for more than 250 years. It is a family legacy defined by passion, daring and innovation — an unbroken lineage of merchants and artisans that is now in its 8th generation.

Richard Hennessy, founding father of the brand, was serving in the French military under King Louis XV. After 12 years as an officer, he retired in 1765 to found his own company, exporting to an international clientele. 

Beginning in 1786, Sir Richard Hennessy hired Jean Fillioux as the first Hennessy master blender. Almost inmediately an extraordinary relationship was forged between two families. For over 200 years, the Hennessy family has entrusted the critical task of blending to a member of the Fillioux family, the Hennessy Cellar Masters.

Such a relationship is unique to Hennessy among all Cognac houses —  it ensures consistent quality, style and excellence for every Hennessy blend.


The history of Hennessy is deeply connected to the Cognac region in southwestern France. Here, grapes have been cultivated for over 1,500 years, since the time of the Roman Empire. Emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus went so far as to commanded his soldiers to plant vineyards. In the 16th century, dutch merchants pioneered the trade of “burnt wine” or “brandewijn” which would become “brandy”: wine distilled for better preservation during sea transport. At the time, it was consumed with water to recreate the original taste of the wine.


In the 17th century, double distillation techniques were refined. During cargo delays, merchants discovered that their Cognac improved if stored in oak for longer periods of time. Barrel aging became the standard among finer brandy producers. In 1765 Richard Hennessy founded the Societé Hennessy, Connelly & Arthur. Soon the company sold brandies in Dublin, London, and Flanders.


In 1936, Appellation d’Origine Controlée — The French government decreed that any product called “Cognac” must be cultivated and produced in Cognac, France, originating from specific varieties of grapes and crafted using strictly defined methods.


From fine art to street art, from symphonies to jazz to hip-hop, Hennessy has inspired artistic excellence for centuries. In celebrations across the globe, and in timeless stories told in film, music and art, Hennessy is a leading figure in a vibrant, diverse global culture.


The creation of Hennessy Cognac is an art. Both their spirits and the surface of their bottles are testament to the artistry of Hennessy. Over centuries, Hennessy has championed artistic excellence — pushing the limits of creativity from the beginning. In recent years, some of the world’s most respected and innovative artists have created Hennessy V.S Limited Edition bottles.

The latest collaboration was with Faith XLVII an internationally-acclaimed African street and studio-based artist operating globally. Her evolution from street artist to a multi-disciplinary artist has created a fluid yet solid bridge into the contemporary art world.

Another famous collaboration was with Felipe Pantone, an Argentinian-Spanish artist who started doing graffiti at the age of 12.


Ever since the Hennessy name was first uttered on a verse, Hip-Hop culture has embraced the Hennessy brand. Nowhere is Henny embraced more than in the world of hip hop. The connection was so strong that Hennessy has since become the most mentioned spirit, not only in Hip-Hop, but in all of music history.


Throughout history, the Hennessy family has upheld an enduring passion to push the limits of excellence in Cognac. At the turn of the 20th century, Hennessy has been enjoyed on every continent, including Australia. Today, Hennessy is sold in 138 countries around the world.


In vibrant celebrations across the globe, and in timeless stories told through Film, Music, and Art, the Hennessy Life is lived by those who Never stop. Never settle.

Hennessy celebrates the drive to pursue excellence, pushing the limits of achievement in every medium, be it Cognac, or culture. It is reflected in their mantra "Never stop. Never settle.", and in the achievements and stories of like-minded individuals from all around the world. The creativity and ambition of these individual is an expression of Hennessy's own 250-year pursuit of perfection in Cognac

Over the years, Hennessy has partnered with top designers, musicians, artists and creatives around the world like Buscemi, Frank Shepard Fairey, Futura to represent that never ending hustle. 

Hennessy All I Need Campaign


Hennessy has chosen Linda and Antonio, Machina's Co-Founders to be sponsored by the brand and represent Mexico as two individuals who jumpstarted an idea out of nothing, who are driving change by transforming their creative passion into a thriving business venture, and in so doing, boldly challenge us to see the world through fresh eyes — a world where they where once told that their idea was an idea of “science fiction”, a world where they have been told not once, but on several occasions that they would not be able to succeed on their own, a world where the old rules no longer apply.

The campaign underscores what it is that drives Linda and Antonio to greater heights… constantly pushing themselves to the next level, seeking something beyond the perfection of the moment.

Hennessy All I Need Campaign

As MACHINA founders, it has been clear that through out their trajectory Linda and Antonio have not been simply satisfied to be the best at what they do; they are constantly seeking new challenges, pushing themselves to newer and higher goals. They want to have a meaningful impact on their country while also being passionate about what they do. Because of this, they are perfect ambassadors for the Hennessy brand. 

Their energy, audacious vision of the future and boundless inner confidence, is the essence of the Hennessy message of Never stop. Never settle.


Hennessy collab

Hennessy All I Need Campaign


Linda and Antonio where invited to visit Hennessy’sChâteau de Bagnolet, with like minded individuals from Africa, China, Ireland, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Barbados and Germany to learn the process of creating Cognac and enjoy Hennessy’s “Art de Vivre” in the brand’s Cognac hometown.

Since its acquisition in 1840, Château de Bagnolet has formed part of the private landscape and the destiny of the Hennessy family. To perpetuate its heritage, Bagnolet became the place where the Maison Hennessy would receive guests representing the epitomised distinctive mantra ofNever stop. Never settle.

This dynamic campaign tells the stories of ten real-life gamechangers from across Nigeria, Lagos, China, Ireland, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Barbados, Germany and Mexico. 

Bobo Ndima designer, couturier and stylist representing South Africa, Kaffy (The Queen of Nigerian dance) representing Nigeria, Chenjie Zhu tattoo artist representing China, Ryan Sean Kelly tattoo artist representing Ireland, Bradley Zero representing United Kingdom, Quang Minh Nguyen Pham fashion designer representing Vietnam, Shakirah Bourne writer representing Barbados, Gen Sadakane entrepreneur representing Germany all boldly challenging the viewer to see the world through fresh eyes; a world where the old rules no longer apply.

After meeting, there was something that really brought all of them together at this moment in time to be chosen and represent a global European brand. From our their own individual corners of the world they exemplify a generation of innovation and leadership, who break through convention to create a different kind of world. They do this through a constant grind and crazy eye kind of passion. Being together they could feel the shared pioneering spirit of a new generation of individuals. 

It took three days to unite and capture the pioneering spirit of a new generation of individuals from across the globe.

 Hennessy Very Special presents All I Need Campaign

Success means constantly pushing beyond your own limits. This is our time. Never stop. Never settle.

This is a global campaign centered on the theme of pushing personal limits.


There is no real agreement about the term “Latino”: many people prefer to call themselves Hispanics, Chicanos, or Mexicanos, Dominicanos, Argentinos, Cubanos, Colombianos, Ecuatorianos, Salvadoreños, Hondureños, Guatemaltecos, Venezolanos, and so on. Commonly labels like “Latino” are applied to very different people, coming from different countries, for very different reasons, at different times in history.

Usually when people hear the word “latino” we tend to be portrayed through decades-old stereotypes as criminals, law enforcers, cheap labor, and “bad-hombre” beings. Spanish speaking community/latinx worldwide is clearly underestimated. 



It is important to mention that there are more than 400 million native speakers of Spanish, making it second only to Chinese in terms of the most spoken languages in the world.

“Latino gang”; a term originally created by Colombian reggaeton singer known as J. Balvin.

While many know of the “Latino Gang” to be made of artists such as J. Balvin, Bad Bunny, Ozuna, Rosalia and many others; whom represent the new sound of Latin music, the Latinx Generation. It may have started as an enduring group name amongst friends; but “Latino Gang” is now a worldwide phenomenon. It is a new religion defining an entire new generation of people who are proud to be part from Latin America. We consider ourselves part of this generation. Leaving our country to uncharted territories creating a new industry. Now, to be a latino, it is a product that is being consumed around the world. 

The most perfect recent example was Jennifer Lopez & Shakira’s performance at the 54th annual Supper Bowl Half Time show. With 102 million viewers worldwide, the entire Super Bowl was this message of Latinos being present. The ladies marked the first time in Super Bowl history that two Latina artists took the halftime stage together. A duo like this created feminine energy and sociopolitcal symbolism.

The JLo and Shakira halftime show marked a new era of Latino representation on the NFL’s global stage. It will certainly be remembered as one of the most impressive performances of the past decade.

Latino consumption is hot! J Balvin made history with Nike by becoming the first Latino artist to collaborate with the Jordan brandJ Balvin first gave fans a glimpse of the Air Jordan I shoes he designed when he joined Jennifer Lopez at the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show in February.

Fast-forward 10 months later and the highly awaited Air Jordan I x J Balvin sneaker sold out instantly on its release day, Tuesday (Dec. 8).

“Sold Out Global Sold out. From what I counted, they were gone in a minute,” Balvin wrote on Instagram, thanking all his fans.

J Balvin is one of the biggest fashion and sneaker icons in the Latinx music space right now, but he isn’t alone. From front-row seats at Fashion Week shows, to streetwear collaborations, to official sneaker partnerships, we’re seeing more Latinx names in these spaces such as Cardi B, Bad Bunny, and Maluma. Still, it’s not every day we see ourselves reflected in mainstream media or fashion; so when we do, it’s important we acknowledge and celebrate our milestones.

Latin America today is probably the world’s most diverse region and its rich cultural heritage can be found in its world class cultural and creative industries: music, film, publishing, performing arts, craftsmanship, video games, architecture, fashion & design and visual arts, to name just a few of them.

MACHINA portrays new imaginaries of what it means to be Mexican. There is a palette of tastes and forms with much more extensive variety than what is known. 

Latin America is probably the world’s most diverse region and it´s rich cultural heritage can be found in its world class cultural and creative industries: music, publishing, performing arts, craftsmanship, video games, architecture, fashion & design and visual arts, to name just a few of them.

It has been an honor to have a European brand with such international recognition and history like Hennessy reach out to us to be brand ambassadors because even though we come from different industries, we share some aspects of the same vision and company values. 

By choosing us, Hennessy affirms that latinxs are having an important recognition around the world. Latinxs are not only connected to the “tropicalismo”, but also to the modern, hybrid, the exuberant, peak performance and creative industries. We feel proud as Mexicans to represent the brand and to share our work with other like minded individuals that are also aspiring latinxs.


Back in 2017, the world’s best-selling Cognac, and Golden Boy Promotions, the first national Hispanic-owned boxing promotional company, announced their formal partnership that brings to life the spirit of Hennessy’s "Never stop. Never settle" mantra, with content that tells the remarkable story of Saul “Canelo” Álvarez. Like Hennessy, the Mexican boxer epitomizes the importance of family and the pursuit of excellence.


Global artist Maluma has a formal partnership bringing to life the spirit of the brand’s “Never stop. Never settle.” mantra for Latino audiences. Embracing the music industry has always been part of Hennessy's DNA, recognizing creative minds who blend a rhythm that will never stop and never settle, just like Maluma’s, whose music transcends cultures, languages and nations by staying authentic to himself. The integrated partnership is rooted in shared themes of family, community and legacy, all intended to inspire others to “Never stop. Never settle.”

After everything being said, the integrated sponsorship between MACHINA and Hennessy is rooted in shared themes of innovation, craftsmanship, and community. There will be original content published through online and offline platforms all intended to inspire others to “Never stop. Never settle.”