by Linda Machina

MIDI Controller Jacket by Machina

MIDI Controller Jacket by Machina

MACHINA is a wearable technology brand that merges fashion and technology in a practical and visually appealing way.


We are creating a world where wearable technology is no longer a novelty item.


MACHINAuses the existing culture around cutting –  edge technology to create a menswear fashion brand with wearable technology.



One of our products is a MIDI CONTROLLER JACKET that will hook up to a tablet or a smart phone.  It has 3 position sensors, an accelerometer, and flex sensors.  It can be used for performances, to create and mix music.


The sounds will be replaceable by different sets (of different genres) and the software will be modifiable so that it can be used to control other types of devices (mixing video, for example).
MACHINA’s principles are functionality, design and usability.  
We are currently selling t-shirts with thermochromic and photochromic ink at  (Well, only one as of now but in a couple of weeks we’ll have 4 more up).  They all center around freedom of speech and freedom of information.  
More products to talk about soon… for more information @MACHINAWT