by Linda Machina

The Jacket Makes the Dj

The Jacket Makes the Dj

Following such principles as functionality, design and usability, MACHINA keeps men in touch with technology. The wearable technology brand aims to merge fashion and technology in a practical and visually appealing way. And what could be more practical than being able to mix and mash up digital music files with the tip of your fingers, all without ever having to take your coat off? The Midi Controller Jacket allows you to do just that. The jacket itself can be synced up with your tablet or smartphone while three position sensors, an accelerometer and flex sensors on the jacket’s shell allow you mix music files on those devices. Software can also be modified so that it can control other types of devices, say for example, if you wanted to mix video files. The jacket works while worn, so mixes can be created live, during performances.







The practical element aside, the Midi Controller Jacket also looks cool. The technology aspect is subtle enough that it appeals to fashion focused guys as well as the tech set. For more information on the brand and their other wearable gadgets, check out MACHINA.

- Fashion Notes