by Linda Machina

Machina MIDI Controlled Musical Jacket

Machina MIDI Controlled Musical Jacket

‘machina MIDI controlled musical jacket’



conceived as the first jacket that allows users to create music through touch sensors with a mobile app, santa monica-based machina have combined a musical digital interface (MIDI) controller with flexible motion sensors allowing for communication between digital music instruments, computers, and other devices.


modeled after an LED light, the coat attempts to recreate the electronic component’s form in real life. the programming is adaptable to any purpose – designed so users can reprogram the equipped accelerometer, four flexible sensors, joystick and push buttons.


for more info, check out machina’s kickstarter page as they approach their final campaign days.



musical instruments in use



jacket front view



jacket rear view



sensor use in detail



sensor detail



material detail



interior fabric selection



mobile app interface

via Design Boom