by Linda L. Franco

MACHINA Showroom Fashion Tech


MACHINA, a fashion tech brand founded by Mexicans opens it’s first showroom ever in the heart of Asia: Taipei. 

After eight years after it’s inception, MACHINA has continuously been inspired for what is known as tech-wear garments. Highly functional futuristic style of fashion that serves a useful purpose with a strong focus on design, minimalism, and utility. We started this company with the objective to amplify those features by seamlessly embedding electronic components into our designs.

machina showroommachina showroommachina showroomWhen designing our garments, we have prioritized, above all, the durability of the materials managing the highest quality and most innovative manufacturing processes. Our pieces are always a beautiful disruption of that vision. Currently, we are launching an annual collection with great innovation in the technology and manufacturing integration process. We are tackling the future of apparel by embedding electronic components into any kind of fabric and apparel with the highest quality standards through these industry verticals: sports, lifestyle, healthcare, military, gaming, and space. To read more about all of our latest products visit the product page.

machina showroommachinamachina showroommachina showroomIt is important for us as a brand to showcase our work and functionality through offline happenings like festivals, pop up shops, trade shows & more. You can stay put to all of our events by signing up to our newsletter.

Why Taiwan?

Taiwan is literally in the heart of Asia, with close proximity to major consumer markets that are important to us like China, Japan, Indonesia, Russia and Korea. With excellent port facilities around the island and several international airports directly serving major global destinations, Taiwan puts us on the doorstep to one of the world’s largest markets. We believe this will step up our business to were we have always envisioned it to be. Having high quality products with far fetched design at a reasonable cost.  

taipeiImage by Taiwan Nans0410 Getty Images

he concept of the showroom is inspired by the brutalist architectural movement, characterized by simple, block-like structures that often feature bare building materials. Known for its use of functional reinforced concrete and steel, modular elements, and utilitarian feel, Brutalist architecture was primarily used for institutional buildings. Imposing and geometric, Brutalist buildings have a graphic quality that is part of what makes them so appealing today. Eventually, down history, brutalist architecture made it’s way into Mexico adopting new forms and expressions.

We chose a concrete utopia mixing inspiration between Agustín Hernández workshop in Mexico City and Taiwan’s love with plants. Designed to experience and interact with MACHINA’s products. Minimal concrete facade with a very industrial look and feel. The design concept was to enclose a simple and uncluttered interior that is completely transformable with it’s rolling built-in furniture made out of wood that can be arranged into different kinds of formats. Design and most minimal details is part of the MACHINA’s DNA.

machina showroommachina showroomCan’t leave with out noticing the iconic feature and heavy presence once you walk in — MACHINA’s logo made out of steel as a back drop with white lighting on the back. 

machina showroommachina showroommachina showroomMACHINA 可穿戴技術 Showroom is a multipurpose space that can be used for the brand’s exhibitions, events, fittings, product launches and other media events. MACHINA will offer educational workshops on innovation, design and the future of fashion and in-depth guidance on our products to customers, design students, companies and educational institutions.

Located in New Taipei City, you can find all of MACHINA’s technological product developments and latest collections. Here workshops and conferences will be given, as MACHINA has done for several years.


machina showroommachina showroommachina showroomThe opening of this showroom represents a moment of grandeur for the brand, whose operations have been mainly taken place in Mexico City and San Francisco.

machina showroom

Over the years, MACHINA has created a very special tension between local and international, innovation and fashion. In it’s first showroom this warp of worlds is materialized.

We would specifically like to thank our partners in Asia who have believed in us and our vision to support us in this new venture. This is the first itinerant MACHINA space of others to come. 

machina showroom