by Linda Machina

Machina's MIDI Controller Jacket

Machina's MIDI Controller Jacket

Machina MIDI Controller Jacket Complete At Last.

We did talk about the Machina Midi Controller Jacket sometime in May last year, but that was when it is still far from finished, and definitely not as cool as the polished and final article. Well, the Machina Midi Controller Jacket, after one whole year of work, is finally completed. Basically, if you are musician who is also into technology, this is one jacket that you might have wished arrived under the Christmas tree last December.

Basically, the Machina Midi Controller Jacket has been described as “one of the first wearable technology items” that will focus solely on design, where you will then be able to use your body as an interface in order to create music. Of course, the electronics remain invisible for it to be used on a daily basis without you looking out of whack with the rest of society. All fabrics used are waterproof, so that liquids will slide down without damaging any part of the electronics that have been embedded in the jacket.

Equipped with a quartet of flexible sensors that can detect your finger’s position, it will also be accompanied by a single accelerometer that can detect your arm’s acceleration, a joystick, four push buttons and is highly modifiable to fit your lifestyle and use.