Electric blue hoodie with slick yellow interiors details. Confirming the functionality, there is a back pocket among other secret interior compartments. Providing comfort and durability to last. With OBE technology embedded; you will be able to use any of our hoodies for the seasons to come after winter.


With a simple tap of our M.Bot controller (OBE technology), you can control music, lights, answer phone calls, and even use it as a panic button. A few gestures personalized by you, keep you connected and amplified.

  • Panic Button: SMS message with live location to five of your selected contacts.  You can find your friends/family in the aftermath of a disaster: Earthquakes, Fires, Floods or when feeling in danger.
  • Smart Notifications: Social Media alerts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, Uber etc.) -  All mobile related notifications with special haptic feedback presets.
  • Selfie Button: Snapping photos at a distance! This is great for group shots and selfies, while avoiding awkward angles. 
  • Music Player: The ability to control your music in a hands free kind of way!
    (Play / Pause / Stop / Repeat / Next)
  • Keynote/Powerpoint Presentations: Configurable to use it as a clicker for special presentations.
  • Hands Free: Hands free to answer calls while in motion. 
  • MIDI Controller: The ability to trigger different notes by connecting to Ableton Live, MIDI Studio among others using Machina's M.Bot as a MIDI Controller device. 

*** New features will be updated constantly to have intelligent clothing for a better you. 


  • Contains 1 garment of choice depending on the selected design + 1 M.Bot (OBE Technology).
  • Requires you to download our official MACHINA app available for iOS to access all current & new features
  • Battery life is up to 72 hours.
  • Our clothing should be treated like a regular garment. Just remember to remove the M.Bot controller before washing.


    by Machina - Wearable Technology

    $340.00 USD