Inspired by the original jackets worn by U.S Air Force and Navy pilots in the 1950’s, MACHINA’s bomber jacket has multiple pockets, with slick yellow interiors details combined with our signature desierto camouflage print. Having the perfect take on a classic bomber silhouette with a modern twist including OBE technology embedded.


With a simple tap of our M.Bot controller (OBE technology), you can control music, lights, answer phone calls, and even use it as a panic button. A few gestures personalized by you, keep you connected and amplified.

  • Panic Button: SMS message with live location to five of your selected contacts.  You can find your friends/family in the aftermath of a disaster: Earthquakes, Fires, Floods or when feeling in danger.
  • Smart Notifications: Social Media alerts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, Uber etc.) -  All mobile related notifications with special haptic feedback presets.
  • Selfie Button: Snapping photos at a distance! This is great for group shots and selfies, while avoiding awkward angles. 
  • Music Player: The ability to control your music in a hands free kind of way!
    (Play / Pause / Stop / Repeat / Next)
  • Keynote/Powerpoint Presentations: Configurable to use it as a clicker for special presentations.
  • Hands Free: Hands free to answer calls while in motion. 
  • MIDI Controller: The ability to trigger different notes by connecting to Ableton Live, MIDI Studio among others using Machina's M.Bot as a MIDI Controller device. 

*** New features will be updated constantly to have intelligent clothing for a better you. 


  • Contains 1 garment of choice depending on the selected design + 1 M.Bot (OBE Technology).
  • Requires you to download our official MACHINA app available for iOS to access all current & new features
  • Battery life is up to 72 hours.
  • Our clothing should be treated like a regular garment. Just remember to remove the M.Bot controller before washing.


    by Machina - Wearable Technology

    $305.00 USD