UP COMING EXHIBITION: Fashion Tech by Machina July 12th - August 12th, 2018 @ CCD, Mexico City

After nearly 700 years of history, Mexico is one of the largest and most important human concentrations on the planet.

This year, Mexico City has officially positioned itself as the first city in the Americas to be named World Design Capital, a role which has been playing throughout 2018 with numerous activities to highlight design & innovation.

Building a garment can be as complex as building a robot. This is why we are proud to be part of these activities by having an exhibition devoted to show our entire trajectory as a company from the side of design, technology and fashion perspective.

For the first time and for the whole world, MACHINA presents this exhibition at Centro de Cultura Digital​ where, six years after its inception, it poses a series of questions about what the future holds as a meeting point between technology, sustainability, consumption and fashion. #MachinaWT







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